Quarry Law

Fragou Law Firm has documented experience in issues related to Quarry Law and it is a law office which has deep knowledge of the legal framework governing all quarry-mining operations.

Law of Enforced Recovery

Fragou Law Firm is the most specialized in the law of enforced recovery and handles with great efficiency claims of due debts.


Fragou Law Firm has accredited mediators who have extensive knowledge of the legal procedure of mediation, which is the contemporary method for out of court dispute resolution.

Environmental law

Fragou Law Firm has long experience in Environmental Law. The broad range of issues related to the environment and the legislation which constantly changes makes the operation of existing businesses difficult.


Since 1992, in Fragou Law Firm all our efforts aim to become a stable reference point for our clients in both small and large legal issues that arise in life as well as in business.

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