Why us?

At Fragou Law Firm we constantly aim to surpass our clients’ expectations and to build strong and long-term relationships.

Efficiently combining specialization, methodical work and knowledge of the Greek legislative, tax and corporate environment, the firm provides its clients with step-by-step guidance in accomplishing their goals. Our expert team offers a wide range of legal support, using its state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, as well as an extensive network of external associates in Greece and in selected European countries.

Fragou Law Firm offers specialized legal support in a wide range of areas of law.

Since 1992, in Fragou Law Firm all our efforts aim to become a stable reference point for our clients in both small and large legal issues that arise in life as well as in business. Having a vast experience in various fields of law and familiar with the particularities of Greek legislation, our firm efficiently handles simple, as well as more complex issues.

Open to the perspectives and needs of our clients, able to meet the challenges of a modern business environment, modern in organization and mentality, we specialize in Quarry Law, Environmental Law, Law of Enforced Recovery and Mediation. We also offer legal services in the areas of Corporate, Civil, Criminal and Administrative law.