Fragou Law Firm is the most specialized in the law of enforced recovery and undertakes with great efficiency claims for due debts. Our years of experience and our effectiveness in this field puts us a step ahead of other companies operating in the same sector. Our effectiveness is re-enforced by the organizational structure of our law office and the appropriate technological equipment. Our principals are large, multinational banks and companies with a large volume of cases, international funds and large companies, Greek and foreign, which assign us cases of a value of more than €250,000,000.

Our selective legal team is trained constantly and is fully informed on the legislative provisions in force related to enforced recoveries. Our aim

is to fully assert your claims, making use of all the necessary legal actions within the framework of the law of enforced recovery, with out of court settlements or court claims.

The range of services we offer include the following:

  • Out of court settlements
  • Real estate research
  • Termination of contract. Drafting and processes serving extrajudicial declarations-invitations
  • Organizing and realizing meetings with opposing parties
  • Submission and process serving of court payment orders
  • Monitoring and archiving folders
  • Drafting and litigation of actions
  • Pre-notation of mortgages, mandatory and consensual
  • Registration of mortgages and converting a pre-notation into a mortgage
  • Garnishments and attachments of immovable and movable property
  • Procedure of Law 3869
  • Compulsory enforcement actions
  • Court representation